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The original Lincoln school was constructed in 1931and was utilized by the school district and Milford community for many years. However, due to declining enrollment throughout the Milford School District in the late 1950's, the Evelyn I. Morris School was soon closed.

In 1992 , the Milford School District began to increase student enrollment which required the use of the Morris School. Further additions were made to the building and the Evelyn I. Morris Early Childhood Center opened in September, 1993. Today the school services the Milford School District's early development program for developmentally delayed three-year old children, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade.

The mission of Morris Early Childhood Center is to engage all learners in the highest quality education. It is the vision of the Morris Early Childhood Center that we will continue to be one of our nation’s leading centers of public education of young children. In conjunction with families, community members, and our school district staff we will inspire, support, and challenge all who work and learn here.

Just ask any student who attends Morris why he or she came to school today and the answer will always be the same: "

We Come to Learn!